architektura interiery design
House for seniors in Opava    
Opava 2012    Public competition    Cooperation: Michal Bernart, Ondřej Dvořák, Igor Hobza, Jiří Matys, René Dlesk
Apartment building with 50 small flats for independent seniors is divided into two blocks. It continues to the neighboring residential building to maintain principle to create the urban block, but it does not accept the set height and mass arrangements. Consoled part is more refusing and responds to the opposite mass substation. Division of mass is located in place of trees to help create a pleasant entry into the objects and into a quiet courtyard garden. Building height decreases towards residential neighboring part. Apartments have separate kitchen and dining place in the entrance area, which is lightened from the hallway. This allows a better overview of what is happening outside the door and improving social connections by residents.